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08 May 2009

4th Year Posting

Alhamdulillah...I manage to start my 4th year with new spirit and it have been a week now. Now, I knew that 4th year gonna be very busy year with the packed schedule for each posting...

I started my 4th year with Paediatric posting. Then Orthopedic posting. For 2nd sem, I gonna start with Psichiatric posting and will end my 4th year posting with Triad posting (ENT, Opthalmology, Anaesthesiology). Throught the year, I'll also have PPD (Personal & Professional Development), SSM (Special Study Module) and Forensic posting.

I hope that I'm able to cope in all those posting. Nway, being medical student...doesn't easy. Books...Study group...Lecturers...Patients...Clinics...Wards... are important...Don't be lazy and be nice to people arounds you (^_^)/