Jom Pergi Cinta Seputih Salju


30 July 2010

Post Family Planning Tutorial & Clinic

Alhamdulillah and thanks Allah for that I'm still alive till today...

Despite a pack schedule for this week, I still survive and trying to enjoy
and grab as many knowledge and experience for this O&G posting.

Yesterday, I have tutorial session with Prof Harlina about family planning and
today I joined the family planning clinic with Dr Che Hasnura.
During the clinic,
I had chances to see how to insert & remove the IUCD & implanon.
Besides, I also have chance to see a pap smear done
and I do think that I can perform it later.
Family planning is part and parcel of O&G posting.
I enjoyed it because it just not knowledge that I can apply in my work life,
but it also something that I can apply to myself.

Some might wonder what's the importance of it?
and some might say, we shouldn't planned as child is Allah gift, 
and therefore, there more the better.
However, we must consider other part of life...
The patient life and the child's life later on...
Patient with multiple medical illness or had previous LSCS,
might want to consider to plan their family to have good spacing 
for their health benefit.
Family with poor family income might also need to spacing 
to have their children raise up well or have the attention to the child well.
There are others benefit of family planning that I learn.
When we talk about family planning,
we must know the various type of contraception that can be used,
their action, benefits, side effect and contraindication to used. 
And I already have the idea what to use if i need...huhu

Okey la, enough for this time. 
Nothing to think about my own family planning. 
It's far away and now the most important the patient....
Let's study hard for the sake of the valuable women's health...

23 July 2010

Bubbaiiii Kidsss, Welcome Momssss


Alhamdulillah...Today, I've finish my 1st final year posting, a 7 weeks paediatric posting. This year paediatric posting is much much better than last year. I can fall in love with paediatric now. Children are cute and so adorable but when they started to cry...Owh, please...It makes me wanna cry to, not because of seeing them crying but because it makes me difficult to pick up the abnormal finding during the examination...hehe...Now, I'm quite confidence on my auscultation even though I need more time to pick up the abnormal sound among the transmitted sound they made even though I need spend sometime to auscultate it. Overall performance is just okey. I'm not to active examining patient this year. So bad attitude of me...I should be improve for next posting.

For paeds posting, I have had a chance to attach at Hospital Slim River for two weeks. 2 weeks there really makes me in love with paeds. At there, I was given so much opportunity to hands on several procedure by myself...and of course with the supervision. I even become more confidence with my own self to handle and care the newborn. I now had the courage to do the prick the newborn to take blood. Even though I felt sorry and sad, I know I do that to see them better. I'm very thankful to all the staffs and doctors there. They really teach me a lot. Not to forget, my group mates...they also help me to survive in this posting...Really glad to have such helpful and cheerful friends.

The posting ended but my study group notes haven't finish yet. Really need to catch up faster before entering th new posting and meet the moms and ladies. Hope we could start the study group on O&G earlier and there's nothing much that could separate us apart that stopping us to do the study group. 

Oh, okey...before I forget. I wanna send millions of thanks to Sarah. Because of her, I could eat well at the Slim River. She even drive me from and to PPUKM. Sorry if I cause trouble to you while I being your roomate. Hope you didn't keep it in your heart. :-)
So, this is HSR...quite beautiful and calm, right?