Jom Pergi Cinta Seputih Salju


13 March 2009


Semalam baru saja aku mengetahui tentang keputusan peperiksaanku. Memang ku sedia maklum yang keputusan peperiksaan akan keluar semalam, namun aku macam xsanggup untuk mengetahuinya. Namun, atas desakan Azila yang mahu mengetahui keputusannya, terpaksalah aku menghantar message kepada Fadhli. Bila dapat aje message dari Fadhli, hatiku berdebar-debar untuk membacanya. Aku takut sekiranya aku gagal. Namun, Alhamdulillah...aku, Azila dan Ilani lulus dalam semua pepriksaan kami. Aku bersyukur kerana Tuhan mempermudahkan perjalanan pembelajaranku. Terima kasih aku ucapkan pada Fadli kerana menolong aku melihat keputusan peperiksaan itu. Tak lupa juga ucapan Tahniah kepada rakan-rakan yang berjaya dalam peperiksaan yang dihadapi. Bagi rakan-rakan yang ada terkandas, jangan putus asa. Kami sentiasa doakan kejayaan anda semua. Usahalah rakan-rakan semua. Kami ingin bersama anda semua di tahun 4 sesi 2009/2010.

09 March 2009


Last Saturday, 7 March 2009 was a memorable day for me.

Firstly, in the afternoon…I went to my friend’s wedding. Ah, one by one of my friends getting married. I wonder when is my time?…huhuhu. I knew her wedding from my mother. We haven’t contact each other for quite a long time. I knew she engaged last year but didn’t expect her to get married this year. May be she doesn’t wanted to delay the good thing. (^_^) I’m happy for her wed and hoped she lived happily ever after likes the story tale. On that day, I also met my friends that I haven’t seen for years, Adibah. Adibah had just finished her study but didn’t get any job yet and she’s currently works as replacement teacher at my youngest sister’s (‘Alyaa) kindergarten. That’s why my sis told that her teacher is here. I also met my friend, Nusaibah. I think the last time we met each other was during Solat ‘Idulfitri last year. But we didn’t manage to talk much as my family hurrying to go my grandfather’s house. Wedding party…could be say as a time to see long lost friends. Be in touch again with friends and some people get to know new people in wedding party. So, to all my friends…hope you enjoy every wedding party, and don’t forget to pray for the grooms and their family.

After that my parents send me to buy the tickets to Muar. I took quite sometime to search for the ticket and finally I ended up buying the tickets straight to Melaka tonight as the earlierst tickets to Muar available at that time is on 11 March which is the 1st day I’ll start my Humanitarian Elective Posting (HEP). Furthermore, it’s not much bus companies offer the ticket to the south of Peninsular Malaysia. So, tonight I’ll travel again. Be away from my family and home again. It’s quite sad as I just been home just for 6 days. I hope to spend more time at home. I missed my mother’s cooking. I haven’t eaten the ‘Lontong’ and ‘Nasi Dagang’ she’s cook. Hope I can spend more time after the HEP.

After bought the tickets, I visited my grandparents. I always visited them each time I’m home. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I sleepover at their home. I remembered spending most of my weekend with my grandparents. During the ‘Ramadan’, I love helping my grandma making ‘Putu Mayam’ and of course I love eating them while they’re still hot. At that time, I was really closed to my grandparents and 2 youngest aunties. But now, we’re not as closed as the old days. May be because of time I spend with them become less and less and they have more and more grandchildren, nieces and nephews. In addition, my aunt had married and had her own family. However, during the ‘Idulfitri or holidays, we gather at my grandparents or my aunt house. We get together again and strengten the relationship. We hoped we still have time to gather again next time.

Late evening, we went to the beach. Only my father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters followed the trip. My mother is tired as she had just finished some meeting. My father sends us to the beach first then he went to the barber to cut his hair. While he’s away, I was meant to look after my brothers and sister. ‘Alyaa got ‘pelampung’ and the other sister had live jacket with her. She was afraid with deep water. My 2 brothers can swim quite well. There are not many people at the beach that day and we are free to swims. ‘Ombak masa tue pun x tinggi & air pun x pasang’. So, xde la nk kna tgk2 sgt. Tp ada satu masa tue, ‘Alyaa punye pelampug terbalik & sy x perasan. Bahaya jugak la. Padahal, kami xde la jauh pun, hanya setapak dua je. Ms tue, Syarin yg tolong ’Alyaa sbb dia pun ada kt c2. ’Alyaa said, ”Kak Ngah xnmpak pun ’Alyaa jatuh. Alyaa blop blop blop dlm air.” I just smiled. Then she added, “Kak Ngah xnmpk ke ’Alyaa, kn ‘Alyaa pakai bju warna pink.” Nway, nothing happened that after that and I’m really thankful for the safety and happiness. And ‘Alyaa also doesn’t seem to be traumatized by the incident as she told the story again to my father and mother. Hope we’ll have family picnic again when everyone is home.

05 March 2009

I'm Home

It’s so nice to be home again… But, now is not the school’s holidays yet. So, it seems that I’m being home alone in the morning [no friends] because all may brothers and sisters went to school. Then, in the evening they have their homework done and play outside. Owh! How I wish that my holidays is at the same time as other universities and other courses’ holidays. I miss my best friends, Syamimi. Seems that it have been years since we last meet and hanging out together. I can’t go out by myself, my license had expired and I forgot to renew it today. Now, I need to wait another 2 days before the office open again. Aghh, what I’m gonna do??? What I wanna play with my little sisters??? I hope we can go to the seaside today or tomorrow. I missed the smells of the seawater and missed to swimming at beach. And most importantly, I missed to have picnic with my family…I remembered the years of my childhood. Every weekend, my family and I would go to the beach and having fun there. Remembered, how my father and mother tried to teach me and my brother how to swim but till now, still not expert…hehehe. I remembered how I almost had drown if my father wasn’t around me at that time and I got some sort of traumatized to swim at deep water. But, I still love to play with water, whether it is a seawater, waterfall or rain. Talking of rain, I don’t remember when was the last time I plays in rain. Ermm, may be in secondary school. Whenever I wanna plays in rain, the old’s says always come to my mind ‘If you plays in rain, you’ll have fever’. So, I didn’t do it often and I don’t have friends to play with. Plus, I’m not a little kid anymore.

Whatever I’ll be, I love to be home. Home sweet home. Your own home is the best place to be. The place was you know well, stayed with your beloved family members and have lots and lots of sweets bitters memories. Sorry for not being home for almost more than 4 months especially to you ‘Alyaa. Now I’m home. We’ll have fun together. You can play whatever games to play and watch the ‘Upin & Ipin’ how many times you like. And you can sleep with me too. Tomorrow’s evening I’ll play the kite with you. I’ll play whatever you wanna play as I’ll only be home till this Sunday. Sorry for not having so much time for you sis. But, you’ll always be in my heart. And also sorry for not bringing back the stethoscope this time. And I’m not promising to buy you one. Mom told you to study if you want one. The one that you could use hear the heart sound, not the plastic one. Nway, you just still a little kid. 5 years old kid likes you will have many ambitions that were influence by your surrounding and of course the television. So, I’ll always pray for the best to you may little sis. Be whatever you wanna be as long as you’re in the right track, blessed by Allah S.W.T.
You, I Love.