Jom Pergi Cinta Seputih Salju


24 March 2010

Suddenly, Remember Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday I was at my mom hometown, Muar....That day, my mom droves us to the playground at Tanjung Emas, Muar....It's all because those kids really wanna go there and play. Actually, I rather choose to sit in front of this laptop and read the e-novel...however, thinking of the 10 kids my mom need to look after, I quickly change my clothes and put on the shoe. It's just almost near 4 o'clock and the sun still shines proudly in the sky. Luckily the winds comes along...or else, I surely sweat a lot. Acknowledging few damages to the swing and slide, I need to look after them more carefully. Especially the youngest, Ahmad Faruqi who is just one year old...still walking like a bear and always fall and her sister Mumtaz, who is just 2 years old. My youngest sister, 'Alyaa, 6 years old, really enjoy to play with their cousins. She really loves small kids. They play around, climb the stairs to go down the slide and had themselves hanging over the monkey bars. After about an hour, one of them complaining of stomachache and my mom decide to go home. Before we went home, all of us had an ice-cream melting and cooling our throat. They really enjoy the play even though they had gone to the playground nearby our village that morning. I thought that would be the best moment my sister had before she went back to Terengganu the next morning. Let's enjoy few pictures of the happy faces of the people with no worrries... ^_^

17 March 2010

My Cousins..., kids, kids... they are everywhere...they make noise. I can't study in this situation...
Hear, they sing the national song 'Negaraku'. Just now, they sing...apa ntah.
Haishhh, kids nowdays...too advance and so much exposure to the entertainment industry. Mak aihhh, what had happen and infected these kids, now they swear the oath of the nation - ' Rukun Negara'. So patriotic today...huhu.
This morning they read the story book out loud. Disturbing??
May be...Aiyakk, how my mother can stand to look after those kids...they are naughty and energetic. Luckily my mom come back here to help my grandmother.
Early in the morning, they made act. First, want tea, then milo, then milk....Aishh, so tiring to cope with their demand.
Lunch in front of the television, have tea at the living room, eat junkfood and sweets all around the house...then the house when messy again, need to throw out my voice and yell at them..'
Throw the rubbish in dustbin, put your drinks and glass in the sink and wash them, don't spill the water on the floor, and bla bla bla...
Can't imagine I have many kids. Surely my voice tired and my throat sore due to yelling and mumbling all the time. And I'll be the strict mother...haha.
Now, the prepare to go to playground at Tanjung. I better be prepare also...I'll write again tonight sharing more stories about the little kids. Till then, bubbai...


It's been a long time since my last step to the market a.k.a pasar basah...and yesterday I take a step to the market together with my ummi and grandmother. It's not to noisy but it smelly...very fishy...hehe. Even though I loves to eat fish a lot, I don't like it smell. Wonder when someday, I need to go, buy and clean it, can I stand it for long??? Back to the topic, actually I went to the Muar market, it just below the Astaka. One thing that the sellers impressed me is that, they read newspaper when have free time. Thinking about myself which is very seldom to read newspapers|><|. Then like always, some will chat with other and some take care of their selling counter clean. At Terengganu, my ummi always when to Astaka to buy vegetables, Sabasun to buy chicken and Giant to buy fruits. She bought fishes, prawns or squids from the fishmonger that always drives van from housing area to another. She's very careful and choosy about the food for her family...this vegetable is not good as it make your body cold, can't eat prawns or squid frequently because it contains more cholesterol, can't use preservative such as ajinomoto, or those pati2 ayam. I wonder if I'm left alone to cook, surely those ready made spices will be my choice...hehe... Okey, enough about that. Time to have my porridge again...huhuhu...