Jom Pergi Cinta Seputih Salju


11 October 2009

Comparing... should I put it into words. There's many things that disturbing me lately. Thus make me infected and fall sick easily.
It's quite stressing. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comThis not the stress I like. should I say it.

I'm not the person that open up my heart and lets people knew but my feeling.
So, I really really need you people being more understanding and sensitive to my feeling.

I can't faced the people that makes me don't worry. It just for that moment I'm sad.
Some people I can't stand to be

Sorry, if I just keep quiet at that time. I'm really selfish.
I don't want to be sad and makes myself
However, I'll may be explain it later.

One more thing...stop comparing me with other people.
Am I not good enough just being myself?
This is what I'm used, comfortable and loved to be.

Don't tell me you want me to be like this people, that people...I hate it.
Just accept what I'm now. If you hate my true self,
just bear with it or just ignore me.
I didn't hope everyone will comfortable with me and be my friends.

The more closer to me, the more you'll know my true feeling coz
it's just a normal thing you didn't share to much to stranger, right?
I'm not easily touched or angry, unless with the people I closed and loved.

You told me I need to changed...Why? Ok, it's for my own good.
Then don't be to pushy. I'm can't easily changed myself...
and please....don't you ever wish me to be like other person.
If, you like people like that, then go for it.

I'm for who I'm. I knew myself.
I'm not good, kind or islamic enough but I'm just being myself.
Please be understand that people are different.
If you think I'm not suitable to be your friend, then...
It's up to you to stay or to say
to me...
Even it's hurt...blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comI need endure it...
I'll be strong for myself coz I need to take cafe of myself.